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North Shore Management Board
An Image ofSplit Rock LighthouseThe North Shore Management Board is a ten-member Joint Powers Board that contains a representative from all local units of government that exercise zoning authority on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Most members joined the NSMB when it was originally created in 1987. Silver Creek Township joined the NSMB in 1999 upon the creation of the zoning ordinance for the Castle Danger Subordinate Service District, which is administered by the Township. Lake County administers other areas within the North Shore Management Zone in Silver Creek Township.

The North Shore Management Board is responsible for defining the minimum zoning standards for Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. The Board’s area of authority is property that lies between Lake Superior and a line that is 300 feet inland from Highway 61 or a line that is 1,000 feet from Lake Superior, whichever is greater.

The North Shore Management Board finished an update of its Management Plan in June of 2004. The NSMB is now working with the participating entities to implement the new regulations.

The NSMB has two subcommittees. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is made up of zoning administrators and agency officials with interests in North Shore land use, and the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) has a membership of interested citizens.

The NSMB meets about four times a year as does the TAC. The CAC meets as requested by the Board.

North Shore Oblique Photograph Analysis Results
Final Oblique Analysis Report

Resulting Maps…click on a community listed below. If you do not see the property you are looking for, look at the maps for an adjacent community.
Town of Lakewood Area
Town of Duluth Area
Two Harbors Unorganized Territory Area
City of Two Harbors Area
Town of Silver Creek Area
Town of Beaver Bay Area
City of Silver Bay Area
East Lake County Unorganized Area
Town of Schroeder Area
Town of Tofte Area
Town of Lutsen Area
West Cook County Unorganized Area
City of Grand Marais Area
East Cook County Unorganized Area
Western Grand Portage Area

NSMB Environmental Website
This website was designed to make the North Shore Region's scientific information available. The website is currently under development, but follow this link to view the available information.

Recent Presentations
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At the September 14, 2011 NSMB Board Meeting, George E. Host of Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) University of Minnesota Duluth presented "Watershed stressors and the health of coastal ecosystems: GIS Data and Tools." This presentation was made to further the knowledge of some Board concerns including erosion, development, and protecting the lake. The presentation is available in pdf and can be viewed by clicking the image to the right.

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Board Members
-City of Beaver Bay

Jan Sivertson
-Cook County

Wendy Gustofson
-Town of Duluth

Tracy Benson
-City of Grand Marais

Rich Sve
-Lake County

Pete Stauber
-St. Louis County

Scott Johnson
-Silver Bay
(Vice Chair)

Mike Hoops
-Town of Silver Creek
(NSMB Chair)

Robin Glaser
-City of Two Harbors

Clicking the link below the board members name will open the website to their area of representation.

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Contact Information
North Shore Management Board c/o ARDC
Attn: Justin Otsea
221 W 1st St.
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: 218-529-7529


Meeting Information and Previous Meetings

Annal Reports
View the interactive 2012 North Shore Management Plan report HERE

NSMB 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update
View the Comprehensive Plan document HERE

Environmental Website

North Shore GIS Collaborative

Erosion Forum

Rain Garden Assessment (2015)

Regional Priority Projects

State of the Coast Conference